Meat Roast

Recipe by Pearlie Pereira of

This is not time consuming but is very delicious. Very tasty to eat with nice hot chapattis.

Ingredients non vegetarian 1 servings

    • 1/4 kg meat(any)
    • Grind into paste following
      • 1/2 tbsp of ginger
      • 1 tbsp garlic
      • 1/2 tbsp karipatta leaves paste
      • 1/2 tbsp tikki
      • 1/2 tbsp cloves
      • 1/2 tbsp haldi
      • 1 tbsp pepper
      • 1/4 tsp jeera
      • 1 red chilli
    • 1 1/2 tbsp vinegar
    • 2 tbsp onion
    • 3 tbsp tomatoes
    • 3 tbsp oil to fry
    • Salt to taste
    • 2 dry Red Chilies
    • 1 Onion (small)


    1. Grind all ingredients for marinade and make a fine paste, add to the meat. Season with salt to taste.
    2. Let the meat marinate for at-least an hour.
    3. Heat oil in a nonstick vessel and add 2 dry whole red chillies and a small whole onion to the oil and fry.
    4. Once the chillies are fried and the onin has turned red, add the marinated meat and let it fry in it for some time till it gets a golden color.
    5. Add water (double quantity than the meat level in the vesel)and let it cook completely till the water has reduced by half.
    6. Then take a frying pan and fry the meat in oil - do not deep fry
    7. Serve with hot potato chips and hot chappaties.



    I have just read your receipe but i dont want to miss any ingreidient please can you tell me what is the meaning of tikki and how does it looks.

    najma ahmed

    plz let me know what is tikki........


    well i like all of ur receipes but really wanna knw wht is tikki.......thnkz


    same question, what is tikki?

    Debjani Basu

    I collect many recipe from your site ..and its all are too good.My family is very happy to eat special "khana".I have a question i.e.what is the meaning of Tikki mention in this recipe.can you me in this matter.

    sumant kumar

    I'm Anendra. I have tried this recipe, it's nice,tasty and very delicious. I really loved it.I hope can offer us such type of delicious recipes.thanks

    Karen Almeida

    Hi, I like to try this recipe but I want to know what is tikki as mentioned in this recipe and from where I can get it. Waiting for a reply from you. Thanks.