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Lentil Cake

Recipe by Rajiv Anand of Santa Clara, US

Dhokla is a favorite evening snack everybody enjoys.

Ingredients vegetarian 4 servings


    1. Warm a cup of water.
    2. Mix chili and ginger in the gram flour and add a little water into it. Mix well till smooth.
    3. Combine sugar and citric acid in a cup and add 1 tbsp of water.
    4. Place soda bicarb in another cup and pour a tbsp of the water over it.
    5. Place the pressure cooker on stove with 1 litre water and let it start to steam.
    6. Grease a cake pan and place in the cooker.
    7. Add sugar solution and color to the batter.
    8. Mix well till light and fluffy. Add soda solution and mix well.
    9. Immediately pour the mixture into the pan before the foam goes down.
    10. Cover pan with a perforated lid and close cooker.
    11. Cook without whistle for 13-14 minutes.
    12. Remove the container and allow it to cool.
    13. Cut in cubes and remove with spatula.
    14. Heat oil in a small pan. Add mustard seed, allow to splutter.
    15. Pour over dhokla cubes.
    16. Sprinkle cilantro leaves. Transfer to serving dish. Serve hot or cold with green chutney.


    Yasmin macan-Markar

    I was under the impression that dokhla was made out of semolina, please let me know if its so


    For those of you who are still wondering, cilantro is just another name for coriander leaves (hara dhania)! In Nortrh America this is the common term used. reenaguru

    Sariya Mohammed

    Many people have asked about cilantro. Hara dhania is also called Cilantro. People in Amarica call hara dhania as Cilantro.


    cilantro is dhaniya patti...


    4 stars

    rajeswari krishnan

    i would like to comment that the recipe is good but the only problem is those who have just learnt cooking do not understand the name of ingedients such as cilantro,which has been mentioned in the recipe for dhokla. thank you


    i have heard of a dhokla made with sour butter milk and gram floor.can i have a receipe for it too?


    very easy and delicious recipe .uncommon in pak.but has not understood whatis cilantro


    The reciepe is very good.The only problem in this process was cooking it in a cooker without whistle for 13-14 their any alternate way to do this.


    I have always used this recipe, & as per my knowledge, the batter has to be kept for 6/7 hours for fermentation, before the actual cooking