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Bangladeshi Lemony Daal

Recipe by rabz of Dhaka, BD

This daal is diff from other daals as it has very simple and has a lemony essence to it & my kids enjoy it due to it's nice lemony fragrance & the paneer in it .

Ingredients vegetarian 4 servings

    • 1 cup washed masoor daal.
    • 1/2 tsp ginger, garlic paste.
    • 1/4 tsp haldi
    • 1 tsp salt or adjust to your taste.
    • 3 cup water
    • 5-6 green chili
    • 5-6 Lemon leave
    • 1 small Onion chopped very fine.
    • 4 tbsp ghee.
    • 1/2 cup  Paneer cut into small cubes


    1. Put the daal with the first 3 ingredients & water & bring it to the boil.
    2. Cook until daal is tender.
    3. Remove from heat & blend with a hand blender till smooth & thick.
    4. Put back on fire & boil with green chili & lemon leaves.
    5. Make vagaar by frying the Onion till golden in ghee.
    6. Pour this over your daal & stir.
    7. At the very end add the paneer. 
    8. Cover with lid & remove from heat.
    9. Serve hot with boiled white rice.




    We call it lemon leaves (small ones) but out in the far East it's known as lime leaves.

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