Tomato Omlet

Yummy veggi Omlet - tried myself

Recipe by Ganesh Natarajan of

It's a pure veggi Omlet - nutritious and healthy. quick to make and tasty to eat

Ingredients vegetarian 4 servings

    1 cup of Gram floor 1 onion 2 tomatoes 1 capicum 1/4 a cup of cabbage (optional) 1 boiled potatoes 1 spoon of red chill powder 1/2 spoon og gram masala 1/4 spoon of jeera few coriander leafs


    1. Cut all the vegetables, mix it with the gram floor. mix all the spices into the mixture.
    2. Heat little oil for crackling of Jeera ,after jeera stops crackling mix it with the mixture prepared earlier.
    3. Add little water to make it a batter - batter should be in pouring consistency.
    4. Heat the tawa pour little of the batter and spread it well - cook both the sides. eat it with bread.



    omelet without eggs?!!!!!!!!

    priya suhas kataria

    no, wheat flour wont act as a binding agent. gramflour is suitable to bind all ingredients together.

    fiona fernandes

    can't we add whole wheat flour instead of gram flour for preparing tomatro omlet