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Chala pongralu

kind of indian pancakes soft melts in mouth

Recipe by lavanya shastry of vishakahapatnam, IN

try it for sure good for pregnant ladies . try to do any little change will statisfy u sometimes. til ka tel has lot of calcium so try this.

Ingredients vegetarian 8 servings

    • 1 glass rice
    • 1 fist of muthi or can use 1and half muthi of poha 
    • sour curd
    • methi
    • salt for taste
    • til ka tel (sesame oil)


    1. sour the muthi of poha and glass of rice in the sour curd a one hour before add methi also
    2. grind it don't add the salt before
    3. next day u i'll find the batter having bubbles. add salt now
    4. take a pan n pour the batter  don't spread it so it shapes like pancakes add til tel to surroundings so that comes easily.
    5. have fun with moongfalli chatni tastes really good.



    this is something kind of unique u c I never thought eating poha in this way.awosome


    This is very small and soft dosa with a special taste. If require we can add little jaggery also,especially for children. Goes with veg kurma and vadaikary. Weekly once I use to do this