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Simple Paneer Bhurji

Picnic Snack

Recipe by Chitra Ahluwalia Pal of New York, US

I made this for quick picnic snack, for my vegeterian friends. Its a nice healthy option.

Ingredients vegetarian 6 servings

    • 200 gms of crumbled Paneer / Indian Cottage Cheese
    • 2 Onions chopped
    • 1 tbsp of ginger minced
    • Salt and red chili powder  to taste
    • ½ tsp of turmeric powder
    • 2 tbsp of oil


    1. In a non stick pan add Oil
    2. Add Onions and ginger and let them cook until golden brown
    3. Now add Salt, turmeric powder and red chili powder.
    4. Cook for 1 minute and then add crumbled paneer. Let it cook until Oil gets separated.
    5. I made this as a picnic snack, to make a hot paneer wrap take a roti, spread pickle masala and add Paneer. Roll them and pack them in individual foil covers and serve.
    6. Or you can serve as stuffed bread sandwich




    this paneer bhurji has a taste of its own and is great when served as a stuffing for Breads without the tomatoes.i always made it this way for sandwiches...

    hema jaiswal

    paneer bhurji without tomatoes can never think of? and wht abt garnishing??? i think ur reciepe is incomplete!!