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mango almond delight

cool home made sweet dish in indian style

Recipe by lavanya shastry of vishakahapatnam, IN

BEAT THE HEAT. i tried just for fun n it was good . try it with fresh mangoes that is baiganpali.

Ingredients vegetarian 4 servings

    • four large mangoes, scooped
    • 4 cups of sugar
    •  elaichi powder
    • saffron
    • 1 litre milk
    • 100 grm almonds soaked n peel


    1. take one litre of milk in kadhai make sure u stir it till it gets thick,  add sugar , then add saffron
    2. make a paste of peeled almond
    3. now add scooped mangoes of fresh baiganpalli ( kind of mango).
    4. add the paste to thickened milk stir it well.
    5. after cooling . make a smooth paste of it so that there is  no chunks left of mango.
    6. keep the paste in fridge for 6 hrs so that u can serve cool in hot summer
    7. garnish with eilaichi powder before serving


    lavanya shastry

    thanks i knw u will love it

    Saleem Ahmed

    Hi Lavanya...Thanks for shearing another nice and yummy recipe...


    yummy I love mangoes