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Raw Mango Juice


Recipe by salma of karachi, PK

Its very useful drink in summer i hope every one enjoy this.

Ingredients vegetarian 10 servings

    • 1 kg raw mangoes
    • 1 kg sugar
    • 4 lemons
    • a pinch of black salt
    • 8 glasses of water
    • few mint leaves


    1. Peel and boil raw mangoes.When they become tender take them off flame and let them cool.
    2. De-seed the mangoes and mash them in the same water, then blend them in a blender.
    3. Put ground raw mangoes back in the pot, add sugar and cook on low flame.
    4. When all the sugar has dissolved, take it off flame.When it cools, add lemon juice and black salt.
    5. When completely cooled, transfer into a bottle and keep in fridge.
    6. Before serving, put 2 tbsp juice in a glass of water; add ice, and garnish with mint leaves.



    mmmmmmmmmmm this is toooooooooooo good.


    This is a variation of age old ' kachchaa aam [kairi] panna', in India. Thanks, BTW, for posting this awesome version. No matter how and where it's prepared, will remain as one of my favourites. Thanks once again.



    thx rabz this is also very famous drink in pak many pplz make from diff recipe i hope u will enjoy this drink.



    Thanks Salma nice 2 see u bac, many people r making tis excellent drink in Dhaka nowadays & it's a hit. My mum was full of it's praises so thanks 4 posting tis recipe. I will deff give it a try. Love new inventions.