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Cake in Cooker

By: Varuna A of Delhi, IN

Simple yet tasty cake made in Cooker!!

Filed in Desserts and Sweets

Serves 4 people


  • 4 Eggs
  • 1 cup Maida
  • 1 cup Refined Oil
  • 1-2 tsp mustard oil
  • 1 cup Sugar (finely crushed)
  • 3/4th tsp Baking powder
  • 1 tsp full Vanilla Essence


  1. Mix eggs with Sugar in Mixer along with baking powder and Vanilla Essence.
  2. If OTG, then heat it up to 180 Degrees or if Cooker then Pre-heat it for 5-10 mins on Sim.
  3. Mix Maida with Slightly hot refined oil and mix all ingredients in a thick batter. 
  4. Now, Grease a aluminum pot with mustard oil and put the batter in greased pot. 
  5. Keep this pot into the cooker (without whistle) on Sim for 50-55mins. After 50mins check with inserting a knife, if cake is ready.
  6. keep the cake for cooling for 45-55mins. Your cake is ready
(NOTE: * keep a small bowl under the aluminum pot in the cooker so that cake should not be on direct heat. *If you are not having aluminum pot, the batter can be put into any ordinary steel pot. *As the cakes are fluffy, take a big pot so that it doesn't rise out of the pot) 

Latest Comments

By jean chaurasia on 11/25/2011 7:27:00 AM

seems a good recipe, but why the mustard oil?

By Varuna A on 12/24/2010 12:10:00 AM

Hi Tina!! For eggless cake, you can see my other receipe named Vanilla Cake Delight. its an eggless cake receipe which is healthy too

By Tina on 11/15/2010 12:07:00 AM

any substitute for egg????? since we dont use egg even.

By hanabee on 10/2/2010 8:41:00 AM

Hi nice method I always heard people make this but never knew it's process. Thank you.

By Varuna A on 9/14/2010 5:50:00 AM

Thnxx Khuserv for appreciatin! It will keep my motivation high!!

By Khuserv on 9/14/2010 5:15:00 AM

When I was a student and did not have an oven, my wife used to prepare cakes in this manner. This is a very good process for those who do not have an oven. Thank you.


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