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Fruit Falooda

Fruit Falooda

Recipe by Mrs. Bhavita N Kunder of Kampala, UG

Ingredients non vegetarian 2 servings

        • 2 tsp Semiya
        • ΒΌ cup any fruit juice
        • 1 small packet jelly
        • 2 mangoes
        • 1 tsp sabja (sweet basil) seeds 
        • 1 cup vanilla or mango flavoured ice cream


        1. Add semiya to the boiling water cook it and drain the excess water
        2. Wash the cooked semiya with cold water
        3. Cool the semiya and chop the mango into pieces
        4. Cool the mango pieces and jelly in the fridge
        5. Half an hour before preparing faluda soak the sabja seeds
        6. In a tall glass add any chopped fruit and cooked semiya and then jelly pieces and a spoon of sabja seeds
        7. Again put some fruit pieces and a scoop of ice cream and serve