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Russian salad

Simply yummy....

I made this in a party for the first time and everybody loved it like anything, so thought that I should share it with u guys.

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Cauliflower and Lemon Salad

Try this once and i promise u'll not regret it :) This is simply lovable.

Amazingly tasty & healthy evening snack. Also can be served as a side salad with a meal.

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Tofu Stir fry Onions

Chinese Vegetarian Recipe

Cook this tasty, healthy dish in 10 to 15 minutes.

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You can use all of the vegatables that are there in ur fridge.

The most famous south indian recipe.

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Thandai (Nut Milk)

Healthful and refreshing drink

Great for those hot summer days!!!!

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Mango Shake

Mangi Shake is favourite at indian restaurants. Now make it on ur own.

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Elaichi Doodh

Cardamom Milk shake

Amazing milk shake... Yummy taste & flavour. Will take away all of ur tiredness....

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Khatta meetha kaddu

Healthy pumpkin dish

A tasty recipe of pumpkin, which is very healthy for kids.

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Bainghan ka bharta

A traditional North Indian recipe

Try this traditional north indian recipe at your home and you and your family are never going to forget it!!

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Kadhai Paneer

Paneer with shimla mirch, onions & tomatoes

Easiest and lightest recipe of paneer and still can be served in front of guests. Really a good one!

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