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Kadhai Paneer

Paneer with shimla mirch, onions & tomatoes

Recipe by Shalini of Bellevue, US

Easiest and lightest recipe of paneer and still can be served in front of guests. Really a good one!

Ingredients vegetarian 2 servings

    • 100 gms of paneer 
    • 1 Shimla mirch
    • 1 onion
    • 2 tomatoes
    • 1 table spoon refined oil
    • 3/4th tbsp Cumin seeds, coriander powder, turmeric powder & anardana powder
    • salt & red chilli to taste



    1. Cut onions, tomatoes, shimla mirch & paneer into small pieces and collect them in different bowls. We'll need them later.
    2. Add refined oil in kadhai.  (This recipe has to be made in kadhai for better results)
    3. Add cumin seeds & turmeric powder in the oil and cook for few minutes till the cumin seeds turn into dark brown colour.
    4. Then add onions into it and fry till they turn into dark pink colour.
    5. Then add coriander powder, anardana powder, salt & red chilli into it.
    6. After 2-3 minutes, add tomatoes into it and cook till it looses oil. (i.e. for atleast 5-7 minutes)
    7. Then add shimla mirch into it and cook it. Cover the pan for few minutes and then cook it without cover. You need to mix the ingredients from time to time.
    8. After the shimla mirch is cooked up, add paneer into it and cook for 3-4 minutes.
    9. Your kadhai paneer is ready.
    10. For garnishing, add grated paneer over it before serving.



    I cooked it too,and received a lot of praises from my family.thank u.

    aman sheikh

    i coooked myself and got appriciation from my dear ones tastyyyyyyyyyyyyy indeed


    Nice recipe, dear Shalini. I cooked it for my family yesterday, and, the appreciation I recieved for the same, was worth sharing with you. Keep the good recipes coming, thanks.


    this recipe is so good m making it now .... n cant wait to taste it yummmyyyy smeels helluva good ... thnku cheers !!


    hi Shalini,recipe is good,but would be best if some more masalas like black pepper,dal-chini n badi elaichi are added to it when other masalas are fried.


    it is easy to follow but what is anardhan powder?

    lata soni

    its easy to make n hubby loves paneer with tomatoes.its really tasty.


    tried it.very easy n came out good.add 1tp ginger garlic paste after frying the onions to make it a bit spicy...

    mrs.sudha satish

    dear shalini,i tried your kadhai paneer. i and my husband had it with chappatis. its really tasty and we loved it. only one thing to make it more nutritious i added soya panner[tofu] instead of ordinary panner.


    Hi Shalini. I just wanted to suggest if a little crushed garlic is added, it will give a mouth watering flavour.


    Hi Shalini. I am a gr8 lover of paneer since i m a vegetarian. I always like to eat paneer in different ways. thanx for the way u helped me make paneer so easy. I tried it today and it is unbelievably very tasty. Thanx and keep up the good work. Hope u shall also try my recipes after they are published on the site.

    saba firdous

    i think it will be good if you use some tomato sauce and cream in gravy.and the main thing is ,capsicum should not be mashed in gravy.




    its realy very good but i also need cheez chilli recipe plz send me

    Nikisha Rach

    Hi the recipes is good but it would be more tasty if you add cashew and khus khus paste to it with a spoon of garlic paste.

    Lata Menon

    Good recipe!


    keep it up yummm.

    Mrs. Dipti Mishra

    simply gr8 recipe.....easy 2 cook n serve