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Also known as Dhokla

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Pomegranate Spritzers

It is the season for a refreshing cocktail that's extra easy to make and perfectly suited for a brunch. This recipe calls for pomegranate syrup, which can be found at larger supermarkets.

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Pudina zatka

a mint appetizer drink

just try it out its very tasty and simple to make

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Citrus Mint Cooler

Yet another drink for parties easy to make try it out and tell me how was it

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Strawberry Banana Shake

A very easy and simple drink to make and healthy to try it out. Use of Soymilk instead of regular milk improves the nutrients

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Aloo Methi ki Tikki

Potato snack

snacks type tastes good

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Cool watermelon Slush

a cool drink

try it out its great to taste and easy drink to make and hit for parties of all sorts

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