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Sweet and slightly sour jalebis

Recipe by Bashobi of

The trick to getting right Jalebis is getting correct fermentation of the batter. Keep trying variation in temperature and slight adjustment of the ingredients to master this skill that all your family and friends would love

Ingredients vegetarian 10 servings

    1.5 cup urad dal pd. 3/4 cup maida 2 tbs curd/buttermilk 1 tsp salt 2 cups sugar 1 cup water saffron and cardamom oil for deep frying


    1. Soak the mixture of dal, maida, salt and curd 24 hours to 36 hours to ferment.
    2. Make sugar syrup with sugar, water, saffron and cardamom and keep on warm.
    3. Pour batter into squeeze cone and squeeze jalebi shape into hot oil. Fry till golden. Blot excess oil.
    4. Soak jalebis in syrup for 20 seconds and remove and layer them in a plate.
    5. Serve warm.


    nisha chhabra

    Whether we soak the mixture ( urad dal,maida,salt and curd) in water or something else?


    hi,can you please tell me that how much quantity does 1.5 cup urad dal mean's because i would like to try really this dish i would like to waite for the reply,thank-you

    Zeenat Jabeen

    Zeenat Jabeen

    It really tastes like orignal jalebi available in the market

    Zehra Bandhu

    In your recipe for Jalebi, you have 1.5 cup of urad daal powder and 3/4 cup of maida. Does that mean 1-1/2 cups of urad daal powder which is more than the maida used in this recipe? Am I correct? Also the amount for curd/buttermilk does not seem to be enough to make the right consistency for the batter. Please reply at the above e-mail. Thanks.?


    Although I have consumed too much sweet meat this week, the chosen ingredients with their right proportions used in this variation of Jalebis make this recipe sound very tempting.. .Hmmm..., can't wait to try it. Well... may be next week. Anyways, keep up the good work, dear Bashobi.