Ras Malai

Easy to make and is very delicious

Recipe by Ayesha Khanam of

This is a very delicious dish and time saving and easy to make at home.

Ingredients non vegetarian 10 servings

    1 cup Milk Powder 5-6 Cardamom {powdered) few strands of Saffron 2 eggs 1 tps Baking powder 2 litres Milk pista and almond for garnishing Ghee as required


    1. Boil milk and add sugar and cardamom powder and lower the flame.
    2. Take a vessel and make a dough with milk powder by adding eggs, ghee and baking powder and knead well till smooth.
    3. Then make small balls and press them to make tikkis or any other preferred shape.
    4. Add tikkis into the boiling milk one by one. Cook them till they swells or fully done.
    5. Finish by spreading some saffron strands over it and boil for few more minutes.
    6. Turn off the heat and let it cool. While serving garnish it with pistas and almonds.


    Biswadarshan Mohanty

    Egg is totally un-neccessary for ras-malai...use fresh chenna...knead it well and u can make rasgullas...which can be also put in saffron flavoured thickened milk or rabri to make ras-malai...


    Hi,I tried this recipee but it din not turn out good,even though i added all the ingredients accordingly I suggest every one not to try this recipee at home


    hi renu i am also a vegetarian i used 3tbsp of butter and 4tbsp of milk insted of egg was really good.u can try the same .



    you just use melted butter or oil, or just milk instead of eggs.


    as i am also from hyderadad india i was very happy to see ur recipe and loved to try it as soon as possible.hau re thanx


    you can use chenna instead of milk powder


    what can be used in place of an egg as we r vegetarians


    If you let it cool and eat next day than you wont smell any egg .


    Hi does it have the egg smell?


    can u plz tell me any other alternative for milk powder.


    nice to read the receipe but as we do not eat egg, what can be used inplace of an egg.