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Masala Fish

Recipe by fatma of Dar-es-salaam, TZ

Ingredients non vegetarian 6 servings


    • 1/2 kg fish (king fish or fish fillets).
    • 2 tsps turmeric powder.
    • Salt.
    • 2 tsps green chilly paste.
    • 2 tsps garlic paste.
    • 1 lemon.
    • 3 tbsps fish masala or dhania, jeera powder.
    • Oil for deep frying.


    • 4 tomatoes
    • 2 tbsps oil
    • Salt
    • 2 tbsps methi leaves
    • 3 onions (sliced, fried and crushed)
    • 2 tsps garam masala powder
    • Whole masala (2 tsps jeera, 4 sticks cinnamon, 5 pods cardamom)
    • 3 red dry chillies
    • 2 tsps green chilly paste
    • 2 tbsps corriander leaves
    • 1 1/2 tbsps tomato paste
    • 1 tbsp ginger,garlic paste
    • 1 tsp lemon juice


    1. Wash fish and marinate with all the spices except oil for 1 hour.
    2. Deep fry fish and keep aside.


    1. Peel tomatoes and grind them with 1/2 cup of water.
    2. Heat oil, add whole masala,when they splutter add dry chillies and methi leaves.
    3. Add tomatoes puree,ginger,garlic chilly paste, and tomato paste braise for 30 seconds on medium heat.
    4. Add fried fish ,mix well and lower the heat ,cook fish in masala for 10 mins ,add onions ,lemon and garam masala powder,mix well and add 1 cup of water, and cook till gravy thick.
    5. Garnish with coriander leaves and onion slices, serve hot with parathas or rice.


    jean chaurasia

    Great recipe. Thanks. I suggest blanching the tomatoes in hot water and peeling the skin which would even slide off easily.


    Dear Chiradeep, thanks for quoting to me to let me know the fish masala you cooked for your family got you much accolades. I totally agee with you when you say, this dish tasted awesome, since, I myself have seen the expression of appreciation on my pisceatarian daughter's face, when I cooked the dish for her a few weeks ago.



    Thank you all. M happy you all liked the dish....


    @shwetashetty, It was amazing ma'am. Finger licking taste. My wife just loved it and wished if I could cook all the time.... Ha ha ha... Thanks Fatma ji for sharing a wonderful dish...


    @ Chiradeep, hum ashaa karteh hain ki aap ka 'masala fish' ek dum rangila baneh, aur masale mein kaa machliyan aap ke muh ke owr jaate hue, ateev khushi se jhoom utheh.


    Today is Saturday. My off ajj chutti. And I am going to try it today. The has already been brought. So wish me luck. I wil get back to you all, once I taste it after cooking.

    jyoti goplani

    fish masala seems intresting. "padte hi mu mein pani aa gaya " i will definetly try it soon.

    Sajid Kham

    bhut hi badiya fish masala hai ek bar aap bhi try kare.

    Ghazala Patca

    It really looks fantastic. I want to make it soon as possible


    masala fish is very hot ,freshand temptating taste.the taste of different chilli add a gr8 taste to masala fish.once u eat never forget the real taste.