Tomato and Carrot soup

Recipe by Fatima Khan of Dubai, AE

Healthy and hearty

Ingredients vegetarian 4 servings

    • 4 tomatoes,
    • 4 carrots,
    • 1 onion-small,
    • 1 green chilli-optional,
    • 1 tsp.cornflour,
    • few coriander leaves, or parsley.
    • 1 cube chicken stock,(or veg.stock)
    • salt if stock is not used


    1. Wash and cut tomatoes in four pieces,
    2. Wash, peel and cut carrots into thick slices,
    3. peel, wash and cut onion into four pieces,
    4. pressure cook-tomatoes, carrots and onion with two glasses of water.
    5. Add green chilli, corinder leaves, corn flour, stock cube,
    6. use the hand blender in the soup to mix all the ingredients,
    7. to make puree, add water to desired consistency,
    8. cook for five minutes-until cornflour is cooked.
    9. Serve hot, with bread sticks.


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