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Glazed doughnut

Recipe by Afreen of hyderabad, IN

Ingredients vegetarian 8 servings

    • 750 gms sugar
    • 2 cups water to make syrup
    • 500 gms maida (if self raising flour is used, soda is not required)
    • 1/2 tsp soda
    • 200 gms ghee for frying
    • 1 tbsp yogurt
    • 1 tsp baking powder
    • food colour-orange


    1. Make sugar syrup, by boiling sugar in water to a two thread consistency and keep aside. (add food colour)
    2. Mix ghee with Maida first followed by rest of the ingredients into a dough. Adjust water along the way to make sure the dough is stiff but still pliable.
    3. Make small balls first and press into a doughnut by depressing the center with your thumb.
    4. Fry them on low heat. Soak them in syrup  and let the syrup cover on the balushahi dry.
    5. Serve with crushed pistachios.



    please can u give me an authentic recipe of balushahi.

    Zeenat Jabeen

    Zeenat Jabeen

    is it necessary to put yoghurt in maida?


    1 tablespoon of ghee can be added to maida while mixing.


    how much ghee to be mixed in maida,,,,,,,,,,,not mentioned

    Fatima Khan

    Dear Afreen, the quantity of ghee to be mixed in Maida has not been mentioned.