Dahi Meat

Meat cooked in Curd

Recipe by reena of Plano, US

This is close relative of the mutton Rezala

Ingredients non vegetarian 4 servings

    • 2 lb Mutton 
    • 5-6 tbsp Tok Doi (sour curd)
    • 5-6 tbsp Ghee
    • 1 lb Onion
    • 10-12 Red Pepper
    • Salt  to taste


    1. Marinate mutton in salt doi & red paper for 10 min
    2. Put ghee in a thick bottom pr cooker
    3. Sauté onion to glaze whitish and spread as base
    4. Now spread the marinated mutton over the onion
    5. Do not mix, but close the lid of pr cooker to cook on high heat for 10 min
    6. Open lid, mix with mutton & onion, cook for 5 min in the juice
    7. There will be sufficient juice to cook under pressure for 15 min
    8. Cook under pressure for 15 min, put off flame, cool for 5 min
      Open pressure cooker lid , mix well,
    9. Put on flane & cook to adjust gravy in right constituency (its has to have thick consitency)
    10. Dahi Meat is ready


    Tariq Saeed

    sounds good, will try