Gol Gappe

Tasty Tasty

Recipe by shally of Delhi, IN

Ingredients vegetarian 8 servings

    • 1  bunch of Pudihna
    • 1 bunch of dhaniya
    • 4 Green Chilles
    •  250 gm Suji
    • 2 big spoon refind oil
    • 1/2 Packet Jaljera
    • 2 hardhar
    • Salt ( according to taste)
    • 2 Boiled potato


    For Gol Gappe 

    1. Take suji and mash it with water and put 2 big spoons of refined oil in it.
    2. Leave this material for 3hrs.
    3. Then heat oil in karadi and make small balls of this and prepare like very small puri and fry the same.
    4. Gol Gappe ready

    For Water

    1. Take 1 bunch of pudhina,dhanyia & 4 green chilles
    2. Grind in mixer and then  paste become ready
    3. Take jug of water, put this mixture in this water and add salt and half packet of Jaljera.
    4. Then on tawa put Harhard and heat it until it trun into black colour.
    5. Grind the harhard and put the same in the water.

    Put boiled potato in Gol Gappa and eat the same with water.

    Kindly try the same and mail me.

    Yeeee  Gol Gappe are ready to serve with water


    Ambreen Ashai

    what is harhard or hardhar...wtever it is..plz xplain....is it an essential ingredient?


    this is good reciepe


    its not possible to make dough out of suji without adding any flour


    great recipe,thanks shweta.


    Greatly appreciate, if somebody could tell me what is the ingredient harhard mean? Thanks, shweta shetty.


    what is harhard?


    This is OK TYPES recipe!!!!!!!! not so good.