White Chole

Easy to prepare

Recipe by shally of Delhi, IN

Ingredients vegetarian 8 servings

    • 1 Kg white chole
    • Salt ( According to the taste )
    • 1/2 bowl ( katori ) channa Masala
    • 1 spoon Red chille
    • 4 Karchi Sarso Oil
    • Small small dhaniya leave.



    1. Boil Chole in cooker,add salt in it and then when it get boiled take the water from it.
    2. Now take patila and put 3-4 big spoons ( Karchi) of chole and add Chaana Masala 4-5 spoons in it.
    3. Then again put 2-3 big spoons of Chole and then again add Chaana Masala 4-5 spoons in it.
    4. That is do this step 4-5times that is prepare the layer of Chole-Masala, chole-Masala, Chole-Masala,Chole-Masala
    5. Take sarson oil ( 4 Karchi ) and heat it until it turns the colour.
    6. In patila where you have put chole put the whole sarso oil in that and mix the same.

    Put the dhaniya leaves on the same and now it is ready to serve.

    Tasty tasty chole is ready to serve.