Pineapple Pudding


Recipe by HemaOmprakash of

It's A Good Dessert For Anytime

Ingredients non vegetarian 4 servings

    Fresh Cream 200gms. Condensed Milk 200gms. tinned pinaapple 1 can Gelatin - 2tbsp


    1. Take the fresh cream and the condensed milk and beat it well until it is mixed well.
    2. Drain the pineapple alone and cut it into small pieces and keep them aside.
    3. Now take the pineapple syrup from the can and put gelatine into it and heat it until it is dissolved.
    4. Allow it to cool in the room temperature.
    5. Now mix all the above and pour in a bowl and refrigerate for 4hrs.



    i wanted to try this recepie , seems to be delicious , can i use whipping crean instead of fresh cream n also can u give me the measurement in cup instead of grms .


    The recipe was excellent. Everything is right amount. I and my husband loves it