Rava Burfi

Tasty and easy to prepare

Recipe by Anuradha of Bangalore, IN

for festive season

Ingredients vegetarian 10 servings

    • 1 cup Rava/ semolina (fine)
    • 1 cup milk
    • 1cup ghee
    • 2 cups sugar
    • 1 pinch of Kacha karpoor (Borneo camphor)
    • 1/4 tea spoon of cardamom powder
    • 1 table spoon of raisins
    • 1/4 tea spoon of grated almonds


    1. Mix all the ingredients in a deep pan pressure cooker or nonstick kadai
    2. With a medium flame, keep stirring for about 20 minutes
    3. When the mixture leaves the vessel and it become thick, pour into a ghee smeared plate
    4. Wait till it get cooled, cut into burfi shapes with the help of a sharp knife and serve


    jean chaurasia

    What is kacha kapoor please? Is it camphor which is used for pujas?