Pudding made with Cocunut milk and egg

Recipe by rajabnisha of Croydon, GB

This is a dessert that can be made on Muslim festivals like Eid

Ingredients non vegetarian 6 servings

    • 2 Coconut
    • 6-8 Egg
    • Sugar - To Taste
    • Almonds - Handful
    • Pistachio - Handful
    • 1 tsp Cardamon powder


    1. Break the fresh coconut.  Take the flesh from the shell.
    2. Remove the brown layer from the coconut slices.
    3. Use little water and make a fine paste of the white only coconut slices.
    4. USe a fine seive and take think cocunut milk in a bowl.  Keep this aside.
    5. Break egg in the bowl and beat it up using a blender or a hand mixer.
    6. The mixed egg should be of the same quantity as that of the coconut milk.
    7. Take the same amount of sugar and make it a powder.
    8. Make sure all three egg, coconut milk and sugar should be of the same quatity. (1 or 2 cups each of the same measuring cup)
    9. Skin out Almonds and pistachios and chop it.
    10. Mix all the ingredients prepared together in a large stainless steel container.
    11. Add water in a pressure cooker and keep this container in the cooker.
    12. Cook in in medium flame without putting the pressure weights on for 30 min.



    We make this with brown sugar or scraped jaggery. You can use can coconut milk too.