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Chicken biryani

biryani made simple.

Recipe by sneha of Abu Dhabi, AE

this is the biryani that i make on sundays and is the most looked forward by my's so simple that i am sure it is going to be easy for all the beginners out there.....

Ingredients non vegetarian 1 servings

    • 1/2 kg basmati rice
    • 1 kg chicken
    • 2 onions cut lengthwise
    • 3 tomatoes lengthwise
    • 5-6 green chiilies
    • 4 tsp ginger garlic paste
    • 1 bunch pudhina leaves
    • 2 tsp red chilli powdr
    • 1 tsp turmeric
    • 5-6 cloves
    • 1 1/2 inch cinnamon
    • 2 green cardamoms
    • 1 black cardamom
    • 1 star anise
    • 1 marati moggu
    • a pinch of kalpasi
    • 1 strand of mace
    • 200 ml of coconut milk
    • 1/2 tsp garam masala
    • 3-4 strands of saffron soaked in 2 tsp of milk


    1. Heat oil in a kadai, fry cloves, cinnamon, cardamoms, kalpasi, marati moggu, star anise, mace in the oil.
    2. Add onions and fry along with green chillies.
    3. Add ginger garlic paste and the tomatoes.fry well in oil with turmeric and red chilli powder.
    4. Add the chicken and salt to taste.
    5. Keep frying well till the meat and all the masalas fry well and the oil seperates. add the pudhina and keep stirring for few more minutes. add the garam masala also.
    6. Now pressure cook the chicken masala till 3 whistles without adding any water as the masala itself brings out water.
    7. Wash the rice and transfer it to a electric rice cooker.
    8. now add the chicken to the rice carefully removing the masala to measure the quantity of water present in it.u will have to add exactly double the water of the rice added including of the masala and coconut milk.
    9. add salt to taste.
    10. and keep the electric cooker in on position.
    11. once it is on warm toss gently the masalas and the rice and add the saffron into it.
    12. serve with onion raita.



    Hi ! Sneha . Jus now finished my dinner . Can U guess ? Ur Biriyani came out so well . It was so tasty and each grain was separate as I had used the Multi rice cooker . Hereafter dis is gonna b our Sunday Special too . Thanx a Million .


    Awesome Biryani . Really mouth watering . Can mutton be replaced instead of Chicken . If so how many whistles ?


    Keep up the good work.



    @Rekha,thanks for trying out this recipe and sharing with friends in glad ur inspired by this site to cook even while at college.......@Rachita,yes u have to add the coconut milk to raw rice and cook with the masala.....and you are right about saffron,mace and stone flower......usually all these are available in all indian Happy Cooking!!!


    Hi Sneha, thanks for sharing this recipee, I have many questions: 1) do we have to add coconut milk to raw rice and then cook together with water and masala? 2) is Safron called kesar? 3)so many spices m confused, is stone flower and star Anise same?4)Mace is Javitri?


    hi sneha "briyani rombo nalla irakada" nice recipe da....i tried it and it came out really well...i prepared n took to college n u knw all liked it n they wer asking me the recipe....n they r asking me to get again. i felt very happy yaar .all thanks to u da........


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    hi rabz,kalpasi is kind of an algae looking thing and also maratti moggu is something which you can pick up in an indian spice/departmental shop.but since you live out of India,am not sure about it's availability there.however,u can skip these 2 items and still go ahead with the other ingredients.



    Hi sneha, the recipe looks very tempting but I'm not tat familiar wit some Indian masalas as u might be aware off , wat is moggu and kalpasi?Thanks.

    meghna peter

    Nice....with a south indian touch to it......:)tummy khush...



    hi Alifiya, u can try getting all these in any of the departmental stores or supermarkets.adding all these only brings out the flavour to the anise is called phoolchakri,and i dont know what the other two are called???!!


    hi sneha..thnx for the easy recipe...if u cud tell me the common names for marati muggu..kalpasi and star wud be very helpful....nd are these absolutely necessary for adding or can be opted out? thnx once again alfiya



    i called this simple because i have not marinated nor ground any of the spices....just used it in the whole u can be quick to make this.