its called Holige or Obbattu

Recipe by shruthi of bangalore, IN

its the most yummy mouth-watering sweet dish that is famous in Karnataka

Ingredients vegetarian 4 servings

    • 1 cup Toor dal
    • 1 cup Jaggery
    • 1 tsp Cardamom
    • 1½ cup Maida/Plain flour
    • Turmeric a pinch
    • 2 tsp Wheat sooji(rava) (optional)
    • 1 tsp Oil
    • Salt a pinch


    1. Cook toor dal in pressure cooker. Drain all the water.
    2. Cook dal mixed with jaggery for 10min. Grind without using water. Add cardamom and mix well with hand to get a smooth mixture.
    3. Mix flour/maida with sooji(optional), turmeric, salt. Add water,oil and make a dough. Cover and keep aside for 1hr.
    4. Take a ball of dough and spread with hand. Keep a ball of chana mixture and cover with the dough and seal the ends as shown in the picture.
    5. Apply oil to a plastic paper, keep the ready ball on it and roll it like chapathi (The plastic and oil prevents it from sticking). Fry on hot tava till it gets golden brown color.
    6. Serve hot/cold with ghee.
    Some tips :
    1. Use milk instead of water for making the maida dough to make pooran polis very soft.
    2. Use Toor dal along with chana dal to make them more thin and soft.
    3. If the chana dal mixture becomes too dry and cannot be made into balls, add some avalakki(thin poha) or 1 tsp  rice flour to it.
    4. Use rava and flour in 1:1 proportion to make the outer wrap very soft.



    hi, Swetha i apologize for the mistake...its toor dal mixture that has to be mentioned in step-4.


    Dear Shruti, many thanks, for posting the recipe of Holige, as, I was really looking for the exact measures of ingredients required for the same, since long time. But, meanwhile, I have a small doubt regarding the instructions on step-4, that goes something like 'place chana mixture on the centre of spreaded dough...'. It looks like an error to me though , or...., may be, I am wrong in my guess. So, please, let me know if we are supposed to be using toor dal mixture [and not chana dal], or, it's just that you missed to mention chana dal as a required ingredient in the recipe? Once again, nonetheless it's a good recipe!

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