Chicken Kathi roll

Yummy Stuffed flatbread

Recipe by Romilla Tewari of

Good as a snack as well a meal... easy and filling

Ingredients non vegetarian 2 servings

    2 cups All purpose flour 2 eggs 1 cup Chicken boneless (diced) 1 medium sized onion (chopped into thin slices) salt to taste a pinch chaat masala 1/2 tsp. garam masala oil for cooking for marinate 2 teaspoon vinegar pinch of Red chilli powder lime juice of apprx half lemon 1 tbsp. Ginger Garlic paste


    1. Marniate chicken with all the marinate ingredients for an hour.
    2. Take a little refined oil for put the marinated chicken in the pan ... cook on simmer until the chicken starts turning tender and golden in color.
    3. Add salt, garam masala, and cook with lid on for a while until chicken is cooked. Keep aside.
    4. Now, take a liitle refined flour dough and and roll into a ball. Now use a roller pin( belan) spread it a little and add a little oil , fold again and spread into a bigger round shape( just like a paratha).
    5. Once done take a flat griddle and after slightly heating it put the refined flour roti on it.
    6. Cook both sides and when half done add oil to make it cripsy, on the other side which is without the oil, turn it towards yourself and spread the beaten egg on it.
    7. Once cooked, take it out on a dish add some chicken , sliced onions squeez some lime and a sprinkle some chaat masala on it and roll it to form a roll.
    8. Serve with green dip(pudina/dhania chutney and chopped onions)



    taste really good