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Banana bun

very simple,easy to make and tasty snack

Recipe by sakunthala of chennai, IN

even children can make this.wont consume much oil,good snack for the evenings,you can avoid sugar if you do not like too much sweet.thanks to Rekha for teaching me this item.

Ingredients vegetarian 2 servings

    • 1½ cup Maida
    • 2 tsp Sugar
    • 1 tsp ghee(optional)
    • 2 small bananas
    • 2 cardamom
    • oil for deep frying


    1. Make a smooth paste of the bananas
    2. Add powdered cardamom
    3. Add powdered sugar
    4. Add maida and ghee and mix well to make a thick batter
    5. Heat oil in a deep ,thick bottomed pan
    6. Drop a tbsp of batter to the oil ,when it comes to the top,add next.
    7. See that all the sides are equally fried.
    8. Simmer the flame, remove when they become light brown in colour.




    of course you can! infact i always prepare this out of left out,ripe bananas



    dear Sakunthala,sometimes banana goes more ripe and i throw it.can i make with those bananas.