Southern Fish Curry

Spicy Fish gravy south indian style

Recipe by Ayesha Siva of

Spicy Fish gravy - South Indian style. Tastes best with rice.

Ingredients non vegetarian 2 servings

    1/2 kg seer fish 100 gms small onions, 6-7 flakes garlic, 2 tsp cumin seeds, some curry leaves, 1 1/2 tsp red chilli pwdr, 1/2 tsp turmeric powder, salt to taste, 2 tbsp coconut paste, 2 1/2 tbsp of oil


    1. Make a paste of cumin seed and garlic in a mixie with little water and keep aside.
    2. Take oil in a kadai and add curry leaves and peeled small onions.
    3. When the onions change colour add the masala (cummin seeds & garlic) and allow it to roast in oil just for about 1/2 min keep stirring gently as this masala would tend to stick to the kadai.Now add the cleaned fish and gently turn so that the masal sticks to each fish piece.
    4. Add water just about enough to cover the fish or probably even a little more if you require more gravy.
    5. Add chilli powder, turmeric pwdr, salt and allow to cook in medium flame.
    6. After 1 boil add coconut paste and allow to cook.
    7. The fish gravy should be ready in approximately 10-12 minutes.
    8. Serve hot with plain rice.



    How to do without adding coconut? Please tell me