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Weetabix(Whole Wheat Cereal)


Recipe by rajeswari of pune, IN

you can add yoghurt with any fruit but for kids serve rich in calcium milk or can eat without adding milk & yoghurt.If ur kid doesn't eat anything nutritional,this is the best cereal.

Ingredients vegetarian 2 servings

    • 4 Weetabix
    • 1 cup lowfat milk or rich in calcium (u can add more milk depending on ur taste)
    • 1 apple
    • 1 pear
    • 1 banana
    • 6 raisins
    • 8 dry apricots
    • 8 pineapple cubes
    • 2 prunes



    1. Wash & Chop the fruits of your choice.
    2. Take a bowl,crush weetabix and Pour milk into it.
    3. Add fruits and mix well.
    4. Weetabix is ready for breakfast.

    Note:If u don't like to take weetabix with fruits and milk or yoghurt.

    Just crush weetabix with 1 onion,tomato,capsicum and cucumber.drizzle pepper and salt.Excellent salad.Such a tasty one.



    what can i use as a substitute to wheetabix...??? is it available in hyderabad?



    Dear Sunita,Its a wholewheat cereal available in supermarkets.Its basically from UK.

    sunita amte

    what is wheetabix? sunita