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Refreshing Lemonade

totally refreshing!!!!

Recipe by Recipe-tryer of Sharjah, AE

Best choice to beat the heat....!! if u add a tsp of honey to it, it becomes the cure for sore throat....

Ingredients vegetarian 4 servings

    • 2 big sized lemons
    • 4 tbsp sugar
    • 8 cubes of ice
    • 4 slices of lemon


    1. Squeeze the lemons and add a little bit of water to it.
    2. now add the sugar and mix well.
    3. You can either refrigerate the juice or just add a couple of ice in each glass.
    4. Cut each slice of lemon halfway through and put them on the edge of the glass like the picture shows...
    5. This lemonade is both refreshing and easy to make!!