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Ridge Gourd Masala Roti

Roti made from Ridge Gourd & mixed spice batter

Recipe by Mrs.Soujanya Hariprasad of Santa Clara, US

This dish is made in North Karnataka.

Ingredients vegetarian 1 servings

    • 1 cup Rice (Soaked for 1 hr)
    • 10-12 slices Ridge Gourd (De-skinned, cut into 1/4" thick discs)
    • 1 tsp Tamarind paste
    • 1 tsp Jaggery
    • 10-12 Dry Red chillies
    • 2 tbsp Dhaniya (coriander seeds)
    • 1 tbsp Cumin seeds (jeera)
    • Salt to taste


    1. Grind Rice without adding water to a powder.
    2. Grind Red chillies, Jaggery, Tamarind paste, Dhaniya & Jeera with little water.
    3. Add powdered Rice & grind to a semi-coarse paste. The batter should be slightly thick in consistency. Add Salt & mix well.
    4. Heat Tava or shallow pan. Spread little oil. Dip the Ridge Gourd slices in batter & place them all over the pan without leaving any space in between. Cover all the gaps with batter.
    5. Spread some Oil on & around it & cook on both the sides till done. Serve hot with Curd, Raitha or can be taken just like that.
    6. Note: Adjust Chillies according to your taste.