Tatses best when served chilled... but never frozen!!!

Recipe by Pankhuri of Lucknow, IN

great desert .. made out of left over bread.. brown/white .. and all ingredients are usually available at home...

Ingredients vegetarian 1 servings

    • 10-12 Bread Slices
    • 5 tsp Coca Powder
    • 7 tbsp Drinking Chocolate Powder (Bournvita/Boost/Nutramul/any)
    • 1 cup Cream/Malai
    • 1 cup Sugar
    • 1/2 cup Almonds and Walnuts  finely chopped


    1. Crumble the bread slices into powder by rubbing it in between your palms, remove the crust if they r too hard, else they can be easily used in the recipe too.
    2. mix coca powder, drinking chocolate and sugar to this bread crumbs.
    3. it will become a nice dark brown when mixed well. The entire mixture should look same in colour.
    4. add less then half the almonds and walnuts to the mixture.
    5. at last add well beaten cream/malai to the mixture and mix well.
    6. in a borosil or similar bowl set the entire mixture by nicely pressing it so that it holds the shape of the container.
    7. spread the remaining almonds and walnuts over it and press them lightly on the mixture.
    8. Chill for atleast 4-5 hours. and then serve chilled. DO NOT FREEZE.

    ** You can increase or decrease the quantity of almonds and walnuts as per taste. Wanuts taste best in the recipe.