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Stuffed Capcicum (With out potato)

This side dish is for lunch

Recipe by Vinod Kumar of bangalore, IN

Stuffed capcicum can be prepared less than 30 min.

Ingredients vegetarian 4 servings

    • 6 Medium size capsicum
    • 1/2 coconut (grated)
    • 100 gm  Fried gram
    • 10 cloves garlic
    • 2 tbsp spoon dania
    • 1 tbsp saunf
    • 8-10 green chillies
    • Salt to taste


    1. Take a tawa with out oil fry grated coconut,fries gram, garlic, dania, saunf,chillies in medium flame.
    2. Add salt to the above mixture and powder it in the Mix with out water.
    3. Take the capsicum cut it in bottom side slightly in 4 piece. Please see the photo (Do not remove the top stem and seeds of the capsicum)
    4. Do not remove the seeds from the capsicum.
    5. Stuff the mixture in the capsicum slowly and carefully.
    6. Take a kadai add little oil and put the capsicum and sprinkle little wate in the kadao close it.
    7. cook in low flame for 3-4 min turn the capsicum carefully every 1 min.
    8. When it become brown in colour please remove it .



    Fried gram is a colloquial equivalent used in hindi for 'bhuney hue chane ki daal' or 'dalia' [Puthaana in marathi and Huri kadale in kannada]. These are dry roasted chic peas [bengal gram, chana] available in East Indian isles of grocery stores in the western world.

    Vinod Kumar

    HI Divya, Fried gram is used in coconut chutney (yellow in colour).You can get check in sify cooking section you will get a idea in tamil they call it pottu kadalai



    Vinod, what do you mean by fried gram, plz specify.