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Party dips

Three different party dips

Recipe by rabz of Dhaka, BD

Allow ur guests to chat & nibble while u do your last min tit bits for dinner. U can serve theses with Crackers, chips, bread cuts or fresh cut veggie & let them have fun.

Ingredients vegetarian 8 servings

     Lanbnah Dip:
    •     1 cup Labnah(sour cream)
    •     2 cloves of crushed garlic.
    •     1/2 tsp crushed fresh red chili.
    •     2 tbsp chopped parsley.
    •     3 tbsp olive oil
    •     Salt & pepper 2 ur taste.
        Advocado dip:
    •     1 ripe Avocado
    •     2 tbsp sour cream
    •     2 cloves garlic
    •     1 tbsp chopped parsley
    •     4 tbsp lemon juice.
    •     2 fresh chopped hot red chili
    •     2 tbsp olive oil
    •     salt & pepper to ur taste.
        Pumpkin dip:
    •     1 cup boiled pumpkin
    •     2 tbsp Tahina
    •     2 tbsp lemon juice
    •     2 cloves garlic
    •     3 tbsp olive oil
    •     salt & pepper to ur taste.
        If desired Olive oil & greens for decorating.


    1. Labnah dip: whip all ingredients & make a creamy dip, Bring out on a dip bowl, drizzle olive oil over the dips, decorate & serve.
    2. Avocado dip:Peel Avocado & take out the pit. Combine the avocado pulp & sour cream, garlic  in a food processor & process until nice & smooth, mix in chilli, parsley, lemon juice, salt , pepper & olive oil  bring out in a bowl, decorate & serve.
    3. Pumpkin dip: Combine all in a food processor & process until nice & smooth, Do as u did with other dips & serve.

    * all these dips can be prepared a day ahead & left in the refrigerator.Just decorate & drizzle olive oil on the day of serving.





    WASWW Afshan, I am well hope u r 2. Well this paste is used in many of their food like in "Kare-kare" a stew they make out of ox tail may be u can use mutton, they use ground roasted peanut, glutinous rice, some vegetables and other spices in it. And is used as a topping on green mangoes. I would suggest u try making fried noodles(chow mien) and with ur sauces add a tbsp or two of this paste and then top it with crushed red chilli is will give a nice taste 2 it but I hope u r used to eating dried shrimps?Hope this helps . keep well and cheers. Thanks to all the others as well, Swati, coocook and Sneha 4 ur kind words.

    afshan ahamed

    ASLKM hi rabz,, hwru..? need ur help...i have bought a bottle of salted shrimp fry.......the product of phillipines its name in philipines is bagoong is in the form of brown paste......hw should i make use of this paste.?...have u any idea.....plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz suggest & sort out.........the ingredients in it are shrimp fry,salt water............. expectin ur reply..........



    hi Rabz, i just love these dips...thanx


    Hi rabz, long time since I've come to KK to see any recipes, Thankx for posting it just before the weekend it will sure help me in my party.



    hi rabz, thanx for dips recipes.

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