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sweet phyllo cups

Recipe by rabz of Dhaka, BD

For the busy bees a easy way to entertain your loved ones. They will love it.

Ingredients vegetarian 10 servings

    • 3 phyllo pastry sheets
    • 1/4 cup butter
    Filling :
    • 24 tbsp any type of halwa
    • 12 tsp fresh cream
    • nuts for decoration.
    Filling 2:
    • 24 tbsp Shrikand (plz look in Rajesweri's recipes)
    • 12 tsp jam of your choice



    1. Cut the phyllo into 3 strips, each strip cut into 4 squares (3x4).
    2. cover with a wet towel and keep aside.
    3. Bring out a cup cake baking tray (3 x4 = 12 holes), Brush each sheet with butter on both sides and put    3 sheets on top of each other into each cup cake hole.
    4. Preheat oven to 350 deg and bake the cups for 10 - 15 min (until the cups turn golden and crisp). 
    5. Remove  from oven  and cool the cups.
    6. Just before serving, fill in the cups with 2  tbsp halwa and top it with a tsp of fresh cream or with 2 tbsp shirikand topped with  a tsp of jam
    7. Decorate and serve.


    Vanshika Khemlani

    Hi Rabz, I liked your recipe but i have a question. Actually I have a party next week for kids & was thinking of making something similar but with fruit custard. I am only worried that it shouldn't get soggy. Can you pls suggest me as to what to do? Thanks.



    Dear Rabz, phylo sheets are not available in my town, what else can we use?


    Hmm, rather a very innovative recipe. Sure to draw attention and compliments from the compulsory critics on this site, as well! Good going, dear rabz..