Vanilla ice-cream


Recipe by Beena Gandhi. of

cool and refreshing in summer

Ingredients vegetarian 1 servings

    • 1 liter Milk
    • 1 cup Sugar
    • 3 tbsp Cornflour
    • 2 tbsp GMS powder
    • 1/4 tsp CMC Powder
    • vanilla essence 1/2 tsp,
    • 1 cup fresh cream
    • 1/2 cup powdered sugar
    GMS (Glycerol monostearate) and CMC (Carboxy methyl cellulose) are compounds used for stabilizing ice creams and are available in specialty food stores or bakeries.


    1. In a thick bottomed vessel pour milk, add cornflour, GMS and CMC powder and sugar. Mix well.
    2. Heat stirring continuously on high flame.
    3. When the milk boils, lower the flame and continue simmering for five minutes.
    4. Remove from the fire and cool. Add vanilla essence.
    5. Pour in the ice cream mould and keep in the freezer to set. When it is set, remove from the freezer.
    6. Break the mixture and put half of it the mixer jar.
    7. Add half the quantity of fresh cream and powder sugar and churn.
    8. Repeat with the remaining half mixture.
    9. Mix the whole mixture and finally put in the freezer to set.


    Mr Shah

    YES,Glycerol monostearate (GMS) is a type of compound that does not have any color or odor. This organic compound does have a slightly sweet taste, which is why glycerol monostearate is frequently added to food products. In many instances, this substance can be found naturally in foods that are high in fat including vegetable and animal sources.


    Can anyone tell if the GMS ie gycerol monostearate is a product from vegetable source? As far as i know most stearic acid used in soaps etc are derived from animal fat. Also if anyone can elucidate cmc also would be great.

    anita dhaka

    hi Beena i want to make chocolate ice cream by using GMS and CMC. can u plz tell me how much cocoa powder to add, also should i make any changes to sugar and cornflour quantities....also r there any other changes?

    jean chaurasia

    Can this be made in an ice cream maker please? I've been presented with one and would like to use it. Thanks

    pallavi kalale

    I live in santa clara,california. Can anyone tell me where I can get CMC and GMS from?


    Hello ma'am ur receipe is superb i have never made such soft Thank u so much.

    Preeti Sharma

    where to buy and get these CMC and GMS powder....?????? its urgent!!! will any ne tell me.....???? :(

    Rajiv Anand

    Rajiv Anand

    Both GMS and CMC are used as a stabilizing agent and emulsifiers in commercial food production including ice cream. GMS stands for Glycerol monostearate and CMC for carbo methyl cellulose. Although these are really scary names, these chemicals have been around a long time and there are no known problems using this at home.

    pallavi sinha

    pallavi sinha

    what is this GMS and CMC powder

    pallavi sinha

    pallavi sinha

    what is this GMS and CMC powder