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Fish Tikka Shashlik

fish cubes on skewers

Recipe by salma of karachi, PK

A very tasty recipe for allz and diet food followers coz not only we can make this recipe on oil but also we can grill it.

Ingredients non vegetarian 4 servings

    • 1/2 kg fish fillet
    • 2 onions
    • 2 tomatoes
    • 2 capsicums
    • 1 tbsp ginger garlic paste
    • 1 tsp red chilli powder
    • 1 tsp cumin seed powder
    • 1 1/2 tsp salt
    • 2 tbsp yogurt
    • 1 tbsp white vineger
    • 1 tbsp corn flour
    • 2 tbsp cream
    • 1 pinch of orange/yellow food colour
    • 1/2 tsp chaat masala
    • chopped coriander leaves for garnishing
    • oil for frying
    • 4-5 skewers/shashlik sticks


    1. Cut the fish, capsicums, tomatoes and onion in squares shape, which should be the same size as the fish.
    2. Put fish pieces, ginger garlic paste,red chilli powder, cumin seeds powder, salt, yogurt, vinegar, cornflour, cream & food colouring in a bowl, mix well and keep it in fridge for 30 minutes.
    3. Put a fish piece on a shashlik stick followed by a piece each of tomato, capsicum and lastly onion. Repeat this process.
    4. Prepare the other sticks in the same manner.
    5. Heat a little oil in a frying pan and fry the sticks in it or grill them for 10 minutes.
    6. Serve with any sauce and fried rice or buns.




    W/S rabz yes i do agree with u thx for always nice comments and thx alot to priyanka i m happy that u tried it and get good comments.thx

    priyanka fernandes

    i tried it and everyone liked it thanks.



    ASAK Salma very good recipe esp 4 Fish lovers and the ones on a diet. Full of Omega 3 which is good 4 health. Thanks.