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Aloo barii

this is different quite different tastes good with besan k paranthe

Recipe by lavanya shastry of vishakahapatnam, IN

tastes really really good go for it different from all u have heard till now bari is something made of the dals with the cucumber raw one and let it for the sun strokes . that bari in south india in andhra p is called as odiyam . so if u get it go for it .

Ingredients vegetarian 4 servings

    • 4 big sized Potatoes, boiled n peeled
    • 4-5 bari (badi or vadi), available in plenty in markets or if u made it u r own then extremely good 
    • garlic
    • coriander 
    • garlic chopped 
    • onions chopped finely 
    • 4 tomatoes, chopped finely
    • 3 green chillies, chopped 
    • red chillie powder 
    • turmeric 
    • garan masala
    • khada masala
    • bay leaf 
    • zeera


    1. Take four big sized Potato (peeled) and dice into cubes
    2. Now soak the bari in water three cups of water 
    3. Heat oil in a pan, add jeera and khada masala
    4. Add onions , chillies n garlic and at last add tomatoes do not add water cook it in sim 
    5. Now take water in which bari is soaked take it pour it in  the pan keep the bari aside now add aloo in it 
    6. add red chillie powder and garam masala 
    7. let it cook so that potatoes soak all the masalas, add salt 
    8. now add bari in it and lid it for five more min now see it gets thicken add little oil so that the bari is fried a bit before serving it .
    9. serve it with hot hot paranthas and if u like it just keep voting thank . happy cooking 



    Aloo Bari is very good so everyone should have once in a while.

    lavanya shastry

    its papad categories like made of raw cucumber n then mixed with pisa hua urad dal n then mixed together wit spices like salt, hing , chillie powder n then two three sun strokes


    what is this bari lavanya??