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Pista Kulfi

Recipe by Saleem Ahmed of Karachi, PK

Its too Hot in Pakistan...Try this Kulfi to makes you Cool...

Ingredients vegetarian 8 servings

    • 3 kg Fresh Milk 
    • ½ kg Khoya 
    • 2 Tesp Rose Water
    • 2 Tesp Elaichi Powder
    • 2 Tbsp Crush Pistachio
    • Sugar to Taste


    1. Boil Milk and cook until its comes to Half.
    2. Then put Sugar, Elaichi powder, Pistachio and mix it well then take off from Stove.
    3. Then mix Khoya and cook on low heat until it gone thick.
    4. Take off and put Rose water in it then pore in to Kulfi Molds.
    5. Put the Kulfi Molds in a fridge.
    6. Serve it COOL....


    Shweta Ballal

    Delicious kulfi, dear Saleem Bhai. I made it yesterday, and whoever tasted it appreciated it . keep up the good work.

    sanket patil

    can i make this without egg?

    Saleem Ahmed

    Walikum Assalam and Thank you Anika and Abeda.


    salams yummy. will i get kho ya easily (uae) or any other substitute


    superlykee... it was yummy everybody liked it at home...

    Saleem Ahmed

    Assalm-o-Alekum..JazakAllah Fatma and Halima...and Ramadan Mubarak to you Also..May Allah will accept our all Ebadat in this Holy Month...Aameen



    ASAK, saleem bhai. RAMADAN MUBARAK.



    ....Nice recipe for Ramzan!

    Saleem Ahmed

    Dear SWATI...thank you for nice comments...

    swati kunal chachad

    swati kunal chachad

    Gud one...really its very easy