Quick Tiramisu

an Italian delight

Recipe by sneha of Abu Dhabi, AE

an awesome and mouthwatering Tiramisu made without using eggs in the recipe....(though the lady fingers do have eggs in....!!!)

Ingredients vegetarian 6 servings

    • 250 g Mascarpone cheese
    • 125 g whipped cream
    • 5 tsp instant coffee
    • 50ml hot water
    • 10 g cocoa powder
    • 10 g grated chocolate
    • 10 lady finger biscuits(savoiardi)
    • 10 ml liquor(cognac)
    • powdered sugar to taste


    1. mix coffee with the water and keep aside
    2. blend mascarpone and the cream together
    3. add sugar,10ml of the coffee and the liquor and blend till smooth.
    4. dip the lady finger biscuits into the remaining coffee and arrange into the serving dish.
    5. spread the cheese and cream mixture over this.
    6. refrigerate till it is to be served.(at least for 2-3 hrs)
    7. remove and dust cocoa powder and grated chocolate over this and serve chilled.




    @Ritika, this dessert is highlighted with coffee and liquor only for it's best flavours....if you do not want the liquor then just avoid it and try with the rest of the ingredients only.you'll get the coffee flavour alone.Cheers!!!!


    Is there any substitute for liquor?Pls advise.I want to try this.it is so simple.



    thanks Rabz and areen.....@rabz, i can also see all ur awesome recipes with a lot of variety....keep going!!!


    Hello Sneha jee wonderful and lite dessert. Thank you very much.



    Hi Sneha nice 2 see u bac on here some of u old contributors hav just vanished.Well tiramisu is one of my fav Dessert so thumps up 4m me. Cheers.

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