A tea time snack

Recipe by Neelam joshi of

fast to cook & good in taste

Ingredients vegetarian 4 servings

    FOR KHAMMAN: Gram flour 1 cup. oil 1 tbs. turmeric a pinch. salt to taste. sugar 1tsp. green chilli paste 1/2 tsp. citric acid(nimbu ka sat) 1/2 tsp. cooking soda 1/2 tsp. water. FOR SEASONING: oil 2 tbs. mustard seeds 1/2 tsp. sesame seeds 1/2 tsp. asetofoitida a pinch. chopped coriender leaces 1 tbs. grated coconut 1 tbs.


    1. In a deep vessel take seived gram flour.
    2. Add salt,turmeric,sugar & green chilli paste.
    3. Add 1 tbs of oil mix well.
    4. Now add water little by little to avoid any lumps.
    5. see that u make a smooth batter not very thin,a little thinner than of dosa batter.
    6. Put enough water in a cooker & keep a greased tray on the flame.
    7. Now add citric acid to the batter & mix slowly & consisently.
    8. When completely mixed add the soda and again mix it in the same direction without any break.
    9. The batter will become light & fluffy.
    10. Now at once put the whole batter in the greased tray .
    11. Close the cooker &steam the khamman for 12-14 minutes.
    12. Open the cooker immedietly after putting off the flame.
    13. Heat oil in a frying pan.
    14. add mustard seeds.
    15. When it starts crackling,put off the flame & add the asetofoitida & sesame seeds & spread this on the khamman.
    16. Now cut the khamman into pieces(squares) & put the grated coconut & coriender leaves.
    17. The khamman is ready to be served.
    18. These can be served with coriender chutny.



    I think this is raelly a GUJARATHI style, tou tou khawa maa majaa aawshe.