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Anjeer Khajoor Kulfi

Kulfi known as Indian ice-cream. Kulfis are made by reducing milk

Recipe by shruti of Baroda, IN

This is a cool dish for royal desserts.

Ingredients vegetarian 6 servings


    • 1 liter Full cream milk
    • 50 g Gur
    • 5 g Cardamom powder
    • 100 ml Double cream
    • 40 g Chopped dry Anjeer
    • 40 g Chopped fresh dates (Khajoor)
    • 20 g Chopped almonds
    • Saffron a pinch


    • 50 ml Gur syrup
    • 1 pc Silver paper (warkh)
    • 10 g Chopped Pista


    1. Reduce full cream milk on a low flame to 1/4th of its original quantity.
    2. Add sugar to the reduced milk and cook further.
    3. Cool the mixture and add saffron, chopped dates, anjeer and almonds, cardamom powder and double cream.
    4. Pour the mixture into plastic kulfi moulds, close with the lids and deep freeze for 4 hours in an upward position.
    5. Once mixture is set, de-mould the kulfi into the plates cut into half and garnish with gur syrup, silver paper & chopped pista.


    Saleem Ahmed

    Its really have good taste....Thanks Shruti..

    swati dhingra

    swati dhingra

    really good recipe wl try fr sure .thanks fr sharing shruti.