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Aaloo Poshto

Potatoes in Khuskhus(ground poppy seeds) gravy

Recipe by Sumana Zachariah of Kolkata, IN

This is a typical Bengali recipe. Goes well with rice and Daal and should be served hot.

Ingredients vegetarian 4 servings

    • 3 large potatoes cubed into small pieces
    • 1 medium onion chopped fine.
    • 1tsp kalonji seeds
    • 2 ½ tbsps mustard oil.
    • 5 green chillies slit
    • 1tsp turmeric powder
    • Salt and sugar to taste
    • ½ cup khuskhus (poshto) soaked in a little warm water.


    • Grind 2 green chillies along with the khuskhus (poshto)  to a fine paste using little water.
    • You can parboil the potatoes in salted water if you wish; this will reduce the cooking time.
    • Next heat the mustard oil and add kalonji seeds in it and leave to crackle.
    • Then add the chopped onions and fry till soft.
    • Next add the slit green chillies.
    • Add turmeric.
    • Next add the potatoes and stir fry for 3 mins.
    • Then add the ground khuskhus (poshto)  and stir.
    • Add salt and sugar acc to taste.
    • Add a cup of warm water and bring to boil.
    • Cover the pan and simmer gently till ¾ of the water dries off.
    • Check if the potatoes are fully cooked.
    • Before removing from heat, pour a little mustard oil.
    • Serve hot with rice and daal.


    Sumana Zachariah

    Sumana Zachariah

    Thanks Mayask!! You can use refined oil as well for this recipe. However mustard oil gives this recipe the distinctive bengali tasye:-)


    Gud recipe . Is it necessary to use only mustard oil ? Ami mishti bhalao bhashi .

    Eashita Sanyal

    Didi khub valo hoyeche...