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Crispy Fry Chicken

Recipe by Anthony Daniel of new delhi, IN

This chicken can be taken as a snack or can be served with pulao.

Ingredients non vegetarian 4 servings

    1. 1 kg chicken (cut into 12ps)
    2. 2 tsp black pepper (freshly crushed)
    3. salt to taste
    4. oil to deep fry
    5. 250g Refined Flour
    6. 2 eggs (well beaten)
    7. 1/2 tsp red chilli powder
    8. 2 tsp oregano
    9. 1 cup corn flakes (well crushed with hands)


    1. Marinate chicken with black pepper and salt for 2 hours.
    2. heat oil in a deep pan, now take a bowl and mix refined flour, oregano, red chilli and corn flaks.
    3. take another bowl and beat eggs in it, take the marinated chicken and wash in beaten egg and then dip it in flour mixture and directly into frying pan.
    4. cook till golden brown in med heat for 6 to 8min and AFC is ready to serve.

    Try it at home and enjoy.



    For this recipe, should I use chicken with the skin on or without the skin?


    This is a very good recipe. You can also try baking them on an oiled rack.