Chilled Coffee Sponge

Recipe by Shirly Jacob of

Suitable for a hot summer afternoon.

Ingredients vegetarian 4 servings

    12 Small Sponge Cake ½ Cup Condensed Milk 5 tsp Water 3 tsp Rum or Brandy 1 tsp Nescafe Instant Coffee ¼ cup Powdered Sugar 3/8 cup Butter


    Sieve the Nescafe and sugar together and beat it with the butter till fluffy. Add one tsp of the rum and 3 tsp of the condensed milk. Mix the remaining rum and the condensed milk with water. Split the sponge into two and arrange half the pieces in a serving dish. Sprinkle half of the butter cream over it and cover with the remaining sponge. Sprinkle the condensed milk mixture over it. Chill it for 3 hours. Cover the top with grated chocolates or cashewnuts brittle powder.


    Devika Menon

    Can we substitute something in place of Rum & Brandy.Plz lemme know at the earliest