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Bread Pudding

Recipe by Rajiv Anand of Santa Clara, US

Ingredients vegetarian 4 servings

    1 loaf bread (small) 1 lt milk 500 gms sugar 250 gms double cream 250 gms clarified butter 100 gms chopped and roasted cashewnuts 100 gms almonds (soaked and chopped fine) 100 gms raisins 10 gm saffron 5 cardamom powdered


    Cut each bread slice into four pieces. Fry them in clarified butter till golden brown. Make a sugar syrup by adding half a litre of water to the sugar and boil it for 15 minutes. Add the powdered cardamom and the saffron dissolved in milk to the sugar syrup. Boil milk until it is thickened. Arrange the fried bread pieces on a flat tray and sprinkle the chopped nuts on them. Pour the sugar syrup, double cream and milk alternately over the bread pieces while they are still hot. Refrigerate and serve as dessert.


    Om Gupta

    1 loaf bread and 1 liter of milk. AND add 500 gms of sugar + 250 Gms of cream + 250 gms of butter (already 1 kgs additive) + Cassue nts + rasin + almond 100 gms each = 300 gms) All this added shoul result in about 3 kgs of Pudding. Each serving would be about 750 gms of pudding. May be you need to devide by 10 for additives.

    can we add choclate sause to this.