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Shogaf (layered juice with F fruits)

By: rabz of Dhaka, BD

Filed in Drinks and Sherbets

Serves 4 people

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Try this refreshing juice and enjoy the summer.


1st layer juice:
  • 1 cup  frozen or fresh strawberry
  • 2 tbsp powdered milk
  • 3 tbsp sugar
  • 2 tbsp fruit flavoured cordial (Vimto or bravo or ...)
  • 1/4 c liquid milk
2nd layer juice:
  • 1 c fresh mango juice with pulp
  • For each cup (2 tbsp chopped fresh fruits of your choice + 1 tbsp whipped cream+ 1 tsp honey)


  1. In a blender add all the 1st layer juice ingredients and blend to a thick and smooth juice. pour this in individual glasses.
  2. Slowly, top it with mango juice 
  3. Top this with fresh cut fruits and whipping cream on top then drizzle this with a tsp of honey.
  4. Chill and serve with a straw. 

Latest Comments

By imran on 5/5/2012 5:51:00 AM

assalamualaikum thats an awesome desserts great work keep it up


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