Rawa Laddu (variation)

Recipe by Sumathi Ganesh of

Another variation of Rava Laddu. This one does not use coconut.

Ingredients vegetarian 4 servings

    ½ lb Rawa ½ lb Sugar (reduce if necessary) 2 tbsp Ghee 10 Cashewnuts


    Fry Rawa till it becomes golden brown. Grind this to a coarse powder. Grind sugar seperately into a coarse powder. Then mix these and keep ready. Heat 2 tsp of ghee and roast cashewuts. Wait till it turns golden. Add the previously prepared rawa powder and sugar powder into this and mix well. Remove from heat. Shape the mixture into small balls (laddus).




    i didn't comment on ur method,just mentioned that my mom's method of making is soft and nice powdered.please don't mistake.



    my amma makes soft rawa laddoo.missing that,rawa and sugar shd be very soft and powdered nicely.

    Nalini Raymund

    Hi Sumathy, Just wanted to know the quantity which u have stated is not clear,i.e the amount of Rawa and sugar r not stated clearily in lbs in the recipee.could u kindly tell me the exact amount in kilogram. Nalini

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