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Surali Wadi

Tasty wadi making with gram flour & butter milk

Recipe by Mrs. Arusha Sampat Dawkhar of Pune, India, IN

It is a low cal snaks, preparing without oil. It's a jhatpat recipe.

Ingredients vegetarian 4 servings

    1 cup gram flour(prefrebly fresh). 1 cup buttermilk(little sour), 1 cup water, 1/2 tsp turmeric powder, 3-4 green chilli, 1/2 inch ginger, Salt to taste, Garnish :- 1 tsp mustard seed 1/2 cup choped corriander 1/2 cup grated coconut curry leaves


    1. First seave the gram flour.
    2. Add buttermilk and water, and make a smooth batter.
    3. Make a very fine paste of chilli and ginger add this paste also in the batter
    4. Add turmeric powder and salt
    5. Put this batter in a non-stick pan and heat this pan on medium-slow flame
    6. Stir this batter continuosly, such that no lumpes will form.
    7. After 5-7 mins, when this batter will start to change it's colour little bit transperent, then do a plate test.
    8. Then put it on 3-4 plane surface plate and using a spatula spread it in a fine layer of 1-2 mm.
    9. Spread chopped corrinder and grated coconut on it.
    10. Start to roll it from one corner and cut it in 2 inch size.
    11. Make a tadaka of mustard seeds and curry leavs and put it on that surali wadi.


    Fatima Khan

    What a perfect measurement, Thanks, Keep it up!


    it is very good receipy.i tried it n thanks for such awonderful is same as kandvi.


    Thank you for the recipe... I would love to try it. Can you explain what is the plate test?


    Hi, thankn you so much for this recipes. this is my favourite one. I have ate this Surali Wadi when I was in pune, but in shop. I m very much interested to cook. I tried to make n i done it. It's so much tasty!!!! My husband loves it!!!! Thank You, Harshali.